Birthday: May 30, 1977

Occupation: Production Superintendent
York P-B Truss, Inc.

Resides: York, PA
Graduated from Dallastown High School

Wife: Julie
Son: Talan
Daughter: Kenley

Hobbies: Golf and Hunting
Passion: Sprint Car Racing

YORK, Pa. (August 19, 2019) – It is often said that the first victory is always the hardest to achieve. Well, for Cory Haas and Trone Outdoor Motorsports, the cliche proved true, but the team made up for lost time by scoring two victories in three days. 

Haas, driver of the John Trone’s Trone Outdoor Motorsports/Trone Outdoor Advertising/Wicked Cushion/Bricker’s/Old Republic Distillery/Creekside Auto Sales/No. 39 sprint car, scored his pair of victories during action at Williams Grove Speedway on Friday, August 16, as well as at Trail-Way Speedway on Sunday, August 18. Impressive enough, Haas’ triumph at The Grove scored the Dallastown-native a $4,000+ top prize, now with a combined three victories at the world-famous half-mile over the last two seasons. 

A bonus in some respect, Haas did not have to race the entire distance during his visit to Trail-Way on Sunday, as Mother Nature made her presence known with 23 laps checked off the counter. 

“Finally,” Cory Haas said, who led every lap on Friday night at Williams Grove Speedway. “I think the speed has been there all year, we just needed to put an entire evening together. I can’t say enough about this team. It hasn’t been easy working a full-time job and racing, but my team makes it possible. I’m excited to see what the weekend brings.”

Between his victories, Haas scored an 11th place finish at the ‘Fabulous’ Lincoln Speedway on Saturday, August 17; a rally from row ten.


Cory Haas and John Trone would like to thank all of their marketing partners including: Trone Outdoor Advertising, Wicked Cushion, Eagle Evergreens, Bricker’s, DMI, Bulldog Rear Ends, York PB Truss, Maxim Chassis, Connecticut Oil Kings, KSE, Wings Unlimited, QA1 Shocks, Old Republic Distillery, Creekside Auto Sales, and Fully Injected Motorsports.


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